Konichi – Wow


“Is your husband in the military?”

“Didn’t you just buy a house?”

“Really, have you thought this through?”

“That’s awesome! Are you serious?”

When you tell people you’re in the process of moving overseas, you’ll meet a variety of responses. They’ll range from shock, to concern, to excitement, to questions regarding your sanity.

Admittedly, when my husband ran a potential expat assignment in Japan past me, my initial reaction was a resounding no plus a couple of those replies mentioned above. Years ago we had talked about living abroad but the timing wasn’t right and granted, we were talking about Europe maybe even Dubai, but Japan really never crossed the desk. Until now.

What were we going to do with this house that we JUST bought?

Will our soon to be 2 year old, adjust well and thrive in a brand new environment?

What will I do all day in a country where we know no one and don’t speak the language?

Will our friends and family disown us?

We surely had a lot of questions to answers and a little soul searching to do. Still, the biggest question that kept coming to me was:

Why not? And once your heart and mind are open to adventure, there’s no use in turning back.

B75B3727-ECEA-4C72-A2E5-6C507AF65708.JPGMoving Day, October 2015

More on prepping your home to be away for an extended amount of time coming in a future post. 

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