Everything is Awesome: Tokyo Legoland Discovery Center Trip


We did think everything was pretty awesome at Legoland Discovery Center in Tokyo. After one trip to our local Lego Store, the little guy was hooked so this trip was a no brainer for us. The facility, located in Odaiba is easy to get to via train and was a perfect morning activity for us. William and I stayed for about two hours however, if you have kids that are a bit older, you could easily stay 3-4 hours. Read on for the run down on getting there, getting in, and what not to miss during your visit.

Getting There 

My recommendation (as always) is to take the train and get off at Odaibakaihinkoen station. If you do drive, there is plenty of parking near and even at, the Decks Mall. Legoland Discovery Center is located adjacent to the building which houses Joypolis. It’s very easy to find, just don’t venture out on a major typhoon day like we did.

Getting In

If you are able to buy your ticket in advance, definitely do that via their website. It will save you a few dollars and allows you to skip the entrance line as well. With the advance ticket you do need to know which date and time you will head there, but it’s definitely worth the extra planning to avoid a potentially long wait.

Stroller parking is available on the lower level and I wish I had known that. We wound up parking our stroller in a hallway which turned out to be super inconvenient. Not only did we have to trek back through the entire place to exit, but we also missed out on leaving through the gift shop on the lower level. There is no re entry once you leave and the upper level gift shop does not carry any Duplo sets. Honestly you really don’t need your stroller with you at this venue, so just park it and pick it up on your way out.

During Your Visit

The center is laid out so you can easily transition from one area to the next and quite frankly, you just have to given the space. Just following along the path ensures you don’t miss anything. We did just about everything they had to offer except the Lego Friends area, Merlin ride and City Play Zone as those areas are still a bit too advanced for our little guy.

After passing through the factory tour and learning how legos are made, we rode Kingdom Quest. I was happy that little ones are allowed on and although he didn’t participate in the interactive laser game, I did, and had a blast! The photo opp during the ride was cute too. Along the corridor they had baby pool sized vats of lego bricks, I think that alone would have been enough to keep William busy all day but we trekked on to the Duplo Village play area.

This was another area that is great for the youngest visitors as it is a soft zone with both duplo blocks and life size building bricks as well. One of my favorite parts of the visit was watching William jump into building a fort with some other kids in this area. Overall, we spent the most time here, just playing with the duplo blocks!

Following Duplo Village, we made a couple cars in the test track area while waiting for the next 4D movie showing. This area is geared toward older kids but we still enjoyed sending our cars down the ramp and watching them fall apart every time! The 4D move is awesome and although in Japanese, we loved it and even got some of the jokes. A word of caution, it is VERY loud so if you’re little one is sensitive to sound, I’d stay away from it. We finished up our visit with Train World and a final pass through Mini City both are neat but didn’t hold a toddler’s attention for too long.

Decks Mall

If you want even more tourist attractions, you’ll also find the following in the same area as Legoland:


Madame Tassaud’s Wax Museum 

Tokyo Trick Art Museum

There are also plenty of restaurants and shops located within Decks Mall as well. A must stop for tourists is the Japan is Laox, tax free shop. It has a little bit of everything and is great for both personal and souvenir shopping!

Legoland Discovery Center was a great day for us and I’d highly recommend it for families with Lego Lovers. It won’t take up your whole day unless you want it to and you’ll be in awesome location to enjoy other attractions, shops and restaurants.

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