Living Abroad Log: Month Two

We just opened our second letter from home which means it has been two full months of living in Tokyo. Eight weeks in and we are really good at taking the train, confident with a few Japanese phrases and have all the belongings we sent over! There is still so much to see, do, and learn […]

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Living Abroad Log: Month One

We have officially been in Tokyo for one month! No longer feeling like tourists and nowhere near feeling like locals. The past four weeks have been both exhilarating and exhausting as we have begun to set up our life here in Japan. To sum up our experiences, I’ll be posting a “Living Abroad Log” each month and […]

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Konichi – Wow

“WOW…” “Is your husband in the military?” “Didn’t you just buy a house?” “Really, have you thought this through?” “That’s awesome! Are you serious?” When you tell people you’re in the process of moving overseas, you’ll meet a variety of responses. They’ll range from shock, to concern, to excitement, to questions regarding your sanity.

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